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2016 : National Energy Globe Award ceremony

We all need people to believe in us …. Winning Côte d’Ivoire National Energy Globe Award in 2016,  was   unexpected and came at that precise moment, when two years after launching the prototype of Case á Livres and Alama’s Garden we were lost facing the big time question : was our concept worthy or not?
We felt honored for committed  experts to have noticed RKbienfaisance activities and more to hear them telling us that they have understood the deep meaning of our work .
That validation gave us the wings that were missing for us to accept totally that we just had to keep the faith, working hard for our prototype to become the most perfect as it could be .
It wasn’t the fruit that mattered at that moment anymore. The important was to adopt a scientist and rigorous approach  on the elaboration of a prototype that may not be duplicated one day but that impacts more and more children  .  

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