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Our planet is getting bad: we need to adopt a GreenWayOfLiving

Our oceans are leveling up, our forests are burning and our planet keeps heating .
In Africa, women keep cooking with fire 🔥 woods.
Me myself I’m just beginning to understand what is really recyclable or not through lots of years of researching, reading …

We need to rethink as We the people living on Planet Earth the way we live, the way we share what is essential, I mean knowledges for example .

The fall of one part of us is our collective fall.

Rockia Kebet
We need to take the responsibility of our home sustainibility by acting right now individually in the creation of a liveable futur. It’s about spreading repeatedly the message for people to start understanding and then acting to save our planet Green as a purpose – Lifestyle, Self improvement, Serving a cause, recycling flowers and plastic bottles

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