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I needed a green purpose

What do we wake up for, each mornings ? what makes us jump up out of bed each mornings?
Maybe, we must wake up because it is Monday… you know… the bills, the family, the children … all the duties ….

For most of us, we wake up each mornings at a certain time, because we don’t have any other choices .

What do we live for? What gives our lives its meaning? What is missing? What are we running around for?

Most of the time, we think that that something is material , so we spend lot of moment of our lives fighting for money that will bring us fulfillment.

For sure, when money is missing, it is a really big big matter, we have to deal with, our daily questionings and matters.
We work hard to attract wealth, money, for all the issues we are facing to disappear through some magical interventions .
How to deal with our fears of poverty and with our everyday issues without being obsessed by what is lacking? How to be able to enjoy the here and now when dishes are awaiting and the baby is crying?


Through the years, I learnt somethings , not a lot but a few things among whose that one : we are here to improve our ability to love.

Love starts with gratitude. Feeling grateful for what we have instead of only noticing what is missing .
It’s an invitation to enrich your way of thinking with some green inspiration.

A poverty state of mind attracts poverty . We must start thinking like a milliardaire to attract something more positive.
A rich person is someone conscious of being alive. This is the first point. We are alive while so many are dead and unable to keep pursuing their dreams.
wherever we live, each times we want to see something amazing, it’s just right here in the night, the sky, the moon, the stars , the sun …Not far from where we live, a parc, a forest, mountains maybe or the sea, even if we are enclosed inside of a little flat …

We are alive and it is an incredible gift, honor .
Our approach matters and we need to accept the magical behind the present moment.
Meditation helps face more quietly difficult times. Breathing and feeling that process taking place projects us in the here and now helping us to be more tooled to overcome challenging moments .

What is love’s part . We must learn to love what we do or do something else.
We must learn the process of embracing one’s life and to put love into everything emanating from us. We also need to define our area of freedom . One space at the time.

The challenge is to learn to do with one another’s in order to grow better mutually, without neglecting the fact that our personal growth is our mission.
a purpose needs to be found .

Getting involved inside the slums, instilling in   children I  train inside Alama’s Garden Environmental stewardship , sharing my meal with them when it was required made me feel useful, giving my life the purpose that was missing .

And you which green action do you take for our environment?

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