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Our innovative approach : through our researches about how to reuse plastic bottles and cups …

…  We realised that at one hand, they could be useful inside of a garden as growing pots or as flower pots inside of our modern homes, and at the other hands, that our challenge was to transform and present our recycled plastic bottles and cups into something we want to keep inside of our own house

So we have imagined a design and useful way to recycle and reuse #plastic #bottles and cup through alamaplastic . Alamasplastic concept are shell that works for plastics, cups and bottles ( any brand you could imagine) of any size.

The interest of our plants , flowers and potpourris pot is that , it’s firstly about recycling.

Secondly, they are design , ready and easy to use, made from recycle plastic bottles and cups that will be reused with a really nice effect


Green as way of living

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