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Greenwayofliving Diary day 3 : creating a serene and green space through the power of plants

Most important : the choice of the plants that will help create the connection with the nature.

people always told me that I have green hands ? I don’t know what that means. The thing is that we are often unable to identify ourself with what is not ourself, refusing to create enough space, for the interaction to take place, ignoring that everything is ourself

So I have a question for you.

How does plants communicate with us ? Maybe, they are doing it at that precise time, when their leaves become yellow leading us sometimes to throw them away, because, all the Melted feelings that are awaken inside of us are echoing their sufferings?

GWOL sceneries to spread a message of love around the concept of Greenwayofliving lifestyle : recycling, flowers, plastic , teas, natural juices , and urban gardening

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