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Greenwayofliving of living is about the kind of tomorrow, we choose

Greenway of living is about recycling. It’s about food. it’s also, About lifestyle. At last, it’s about us .
Which kind of world, of life do we want , do we expect, do we aim for ?

We are a great numbers today to feel anxiety and fear facing our changing world .
But let me tell you something I have learnt from the Buddha himself … when there is nothing to do , we don’t need to worry because it won’t change anything to worry or not. When there is something to do, we still don’t need to worry . We just do what needs to be done.
Today the only thing we can to is staying at home as an act of responsibility . Let’s stay at home, to give a break to all those courageous women and men fighting to save our lives .
Today , We feel how powerless we are, above all our theories and it is frightening . We have woken up inside of a nightmare questioning the values, our world lies in and we are beginning to understand that things stopped working when we have decided that people value was define by the amount of money, power they have instead of their real utility to the world .
This horrible pandemic killing among us, is that opportunity for us to change our way of thinking, of appreciating , of deciding for fairer ways .

A chance to reconsider our motivations, the person we are becoming to give our world a new start , discovering a sustainable and more respectful way of living together .

The way we treat each other’s as human is the same way we treat our environment . We need to green our lives, our minds, our spirits and above all , our hearts and soul for the day after, all we have been going through .

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