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Ouspensky: life is taking us nowhere

It is Only when we erealized that life is taking us nowhere that it begins to have meanings

ouspensky disciple of GurdJieFf

What is the meaning of life? Is it universal? For sure no, just because what makes one’s happy won’t always make me feel like I have reach my personal concept of happiness .

so what is the real meaning of life?
for a long times, I thought that it was about goals we had, we must reach ,

tell me please what is your definition of what life should be?
some of us, lots among us want to be rich. Others to build a family with a wife, a husband, children.
others think that travelling the more, will bring something special …. and we spend our lives running around and around goals to reach replaced by new challenges once we have overcame the previous ones .

what is the meaning of life? Oh, it is so personal and so universal at the meantime.
We shall be here and now In the present , giving to the moment all that we are, completely, entirely, without any second thought .

How to we do that? Your environment matters . You are your environment and your environment is your projection .
Cultivate your ability to connect yourself with yourself . Feed your soul with what uplift you, surround yourself with beauty and never let emptiness become your state of being, because to reach the light , we must be able to conceive it’s existence even, mostly , when we are going through dark era . Fears lies in the past or in the future. Never here and now.

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