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Green Kitchen philosophy: We become what we eat

We become one with everything, anything , we might interact with .

You know it took me a long way to understand deeply what the expression “all is one” meant .

We become what we eat, unable to choose between our immediate pleasure and the necessity to choose health .

We become our thoughts , so full of ourselves and of our point of view, we become our encounters, acting the same way for us to be accepted frightened by the loneliness behind the expression of our individuality .

Greenwayofliving is about ways , sustainable , healthy, green style of living and what we eat matters .

It’s not just about being vegan or not . Whatever we might be , it is recommended , environmentally, for our health, to eat less red meat 🥩.

It is recommended to eat at lest 5-6-7 fruits and vegetables per day ( don‘t forget to choose them ugly 🙏) …

It is also recommended to … so many recommandations and it is not that easy to navigate throughout them . What we share are not medical recommendations. We share our path , out tries, our experimentations, how we are trying to transform our kitchen into a green one for us to end by reaching a greenwayofliving

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