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Greenwayofliving? a necessity

Our planet is in pain .

This suffering materializes itself through surproduction, industrial and home pollutions, thing-ification of human being, destruction of our lands, our oceans and seas , our values, our beliefs, our ecological balance due to our run to reach more and more profit.

Around the world million people are starving from hunger unable to eat the amount of food required per day for a healthy life while almost a third of food produced at the same time is wasted .

Food is precious and we need to change our approach with food, with what we use in our everyday life ( plastic bottles, flowers) and to reconnect ourself with ourself, with nature, with what we eat, with how we grow it, with our planet in a green and positive way .

Greenway of living is, a path , a mission and moreover a way to share knowledges and practical tools to help stop throw away , plastic bottles , flowers we have enjoyed, leftovers from food … it’s about us using, reusing, recycling instead of throwing away everything as we are used to

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