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Welcome inside of my green, happy and healthy way of living

Things never happen by chance . If you are reading me, there is a reason … your history is the first element that helps my path echoing again and again yours .

Thank you for stopping by . I hope my path will help you better understand yours and maybe helps me get more from my own issues If you accept to share it with me .

Do you know that you and me , we are the same?

We are one .

Born from the same kind of energy and accomplishing through our personal path the destiny of our universe ?

I am impacted by your wellbeing and you can’t close your heart to my suffering because if you do so, my sufferings will grow in such a way that it will probably impact your wellbeing one day . .
I am honoured and grateful to all of you stopping by, manifesting yourself through mentions,  like or following,  for me to then   reach out to you, and get to know each others better  through that way.

Thank you for choosing to link your path to ours , letting us walking together along each others sides,  along the path .
Walking ahead Together but separately to avoid that the falling  of one makes all  the community fall  at the same time, feeling enough fraternity and compassion to help those in search of ways,of how to begin … .Welcome to all of us on my  path. Me making little changes to reach The green one

We are one .

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