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Greenwayofliving community : thank you again for joining

Thank you so much for joining. It’s strange that feeling of mine’s  , each times someone like you stops by , showing some interest in little things we are doing from our home. It’s an honour to be listened and heard.

The purpose of greenwayofliving is to grow a community around the connection with nature   … what does that means?

Lots of doors are closed to us , when we are disconnected #withnature …

greenwayofliving is about reconnecting ourselves with the simplicity of just being, with yourself,  with your family , with your friends, with your community, with what you eat, what you drink, with your relationship with everything or anything, with  your environment, with your World … all that .

There is one path with multiple roads .

I feel glad and honoured to join mine’s to yours while sharing green moments

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