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Greenwayofliving : green way of living as an enlightened path to hold on to

It might have been hello sunshine . But we’d rather use the green shine

Greenwayofliving is about the promotion of a certain kind of lifestyle . A natural, minimalist, simple and green way of living. What does that means?
It’s about the connection with simplicity, with Nature, with our direct environment as Equalizer . Things are so complicated for each one of us, considering all the issues we have to face daily and the state of our world .

We need strong , applicable values, concepts, ideas, energy who could hang on to, helping us to stand straight through tourments moments that are often linked to our comfort or personal appreciation of what really matters .

Greenwayofliving is about redefining the system. Stopping using the ressources , people as dumping things and letting the green , I mean the enlightened , the beautiful part of all appears , beyond appearance . Welcome inside of the green way of living path, inspiration

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