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Greenwayofliving : In a world where you can be anything

In a world where you can be anything

Just be

Be you.

Be what you are.

Be who you are because it’s the only costume that is really yours.

We made a long trip to Earth, winning our rights to be who we are, where we are , the way we are .

Conformism is an illness that spreads it’s wings among us without us being conscious about the fact that the way, the path is the expression of our personal Energy that grows while being confronted to issues we face: each choice is an Affirmation of our decision to walk through this way, instead of other ones .

We could spend our whole lives trying to copy others , to reach their perfection loosing through that way the possibility to grow ourself freely .

To be alive means to fight to keep yourself free .

Rockia Kebet

Free  from comfort , free from our habits , free from others and free from ourself , from our theories, from our motivations.

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