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Greenwayofliving Green Kitchen rule 2 : connect yourself with Nature

You know our modern way of eating keeps separating us from the natural rules of Nature .

We are physically, mentally and foodistically speaking, totally disconnected from Nature and we end by feeling sick, full of anger, anguish and depression.

Because we are disconnect we become unable to feel our inner balance , to be able to freely and objectively measure external energy, vibrations and situation .

that’s the reason why we need others to explain us what is good for us, what we need to eat , what we shouldn’t eat or do .

That’s also the reason why we stay unable to do the right thing, changing what’s needs to be changed when it is needed because we become attached to our pleasure and our immediate desires.

The stong connection to Nature helps us develop our intuition and natural knowledges describes as common knowledges that oftenly remains inaccessible .

Which voice is Nature voice ? From that question, things become simpler. From our connection to Nature , we bring back Inside of our green kitchen our new ability to feel, to taste and to love

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