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To all of you, members of the Community: how are you doing breath after breath?

This is my Love message just for you . Yes I’m talking to you .

I know you cried this night. And the night before and all the nights you went throughout since it happened .
It is always a loss: a terrible loss to have to say goodbye when we haven’t decided that it was the right moment .Our moment.

I know how difficult it is . It always leave our heart broken . We are always called to say that goodbye voluntarily or not , at one moment or another and sometimes when we think about it, it’s really frightening.

People die. We will be dead one day.
People leave . We will leave someone and someone will leave us one day . It happens . Our heart sometimes leads us to close the doors of our common past with someone for us to write our future history with someone else …. it also happens .

The only thing that matters is that your LIFE, my LIFE our Live matters in disconnection to the importance others give us , and has never to be lived by default, because each second lost in tears are lost forever just for ourself . No one deserves our despair. Only our greatness has to be shared that way .

Rockia Kebet

I understand you much more than you think because I went there , just where you are … but believe me… you worth everything you though you worthed until it happened .

Life is magical as long as we accept that the falls are part of the path as much as the mountain climb

With love

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