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GWOLKitchen infused 01: hibiscus flowers and Roses buds

Herbal waters, infusions and decoctions are one of my favorite and straightforward ways to add some green inside of my alimentation through what I drink

I always make sure to use plants that are renowned as safe for an adult in good health mostly for their character, their personality , their properties their bring inside of my beverages

They are simple to prepare; Water and herbs are for the essential, what is needed

The recipe

  • 2 cups (450ml ) water
  • 5 -6 dried rose buds(1tbsp)
  • 2tbsp /3 tbsp of dried hibiscus flowers (depending on the strength desired)
  • All the spices you love ❤️ (cinnamon sticks, Vanilla, fresh pepper mint leaves, ginger … enjoy yourself )

Put the dried hibiscus flowers and the Roses buds inside of a jar. Add the water and all the spices you’ll like to .

Let the infusion steep for 1 hour or overnight for a stronger herbal water (to perfume your smoothies, bringing some delicate acidity for example or to add something more to your next herbal tea 🍵 to come )

Strain it before you drink

Enjoy 😉❤️

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