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Gwol Diary: My purpose had to be discovered

Why do we wake up each mornings for? Are we happy, comfortable with our life?

For lots of people, their work, their function is what gives their lives it’s meanings.
When the job, the function is gone, it becomes complicated to learn to deal with the feeling of emptiness , following.

The image we have projected will have to be updated for others, but above all for our own self.

Life could become really challenging when our goal becomes to fit inside of standards making us being accepted among our community, a quest to get respectability, consideration and why not to be loved and admired?

When we choose a life dedicated to fit and be like others, we end by loosing the person we might have been, which is a great lost for the entire planet.

Rockia Kebet

I had been pushed on the GWOLPath by frustration, a kind of “spiritual anguish” : I was feeling useless, without a meaning, watching each day being replaced by a new day without me able to have any kind of control on anything .

After the death of my parents, one thing I became sure about was that each day passed was definitely lost and one more step to the ultimate end …

I tried to distract myself from these existential questions but I have never succeeded, they kept obsessing me redundantly.

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