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The concept of changing the world

Which kind of contribution, will we bring this world?

What does our World need? You know, each one of us has his own version of what is required, coming with is /her own philosophy , recipes.
What is the process to be able to change the World?

I have my own idea as you could guess, my theory of change. Change is a world. A concept. It becomes reality when put in action.
Do you know that through our ability to shape and to be shaped by our environment, we possess a really really really powerful capacity?
Change takes place in the center of that ability . From there, when working on ourself, while refining softly the person we are, we start to notice these improvements inside of our world. When we change ourselves, we change the world. When we contribute to raise living standards firstly for ourselves and secondly for others we are changing the World.
Happiness as well as knowledge is collective and can’t be kept individual.
The quest, our quest for wealth, happiness, wellbeing finds a window to step ahead each times it is shared . It is about opening up the doors and the handcuffs that suffocate us inside of the world freeing our World throughout that way

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