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GWOLKitchen coming soon: our recipes in sauce

In Occident, sauces are condiments presented as creamy or simmed liquids served to accompany the dishes (Ketchup, Aïoli, etc) or add more flavor, taking of dryness.

 In Africa , sauces are totally part of the dish made primarily from tomatoes, tomato pasta, onions, garlic, vegetables, fish, meat, herbs, spices often eaten with rice, Cassava, Millet, plantains, yams… depending on the recipe and the availability of local products.

There are so many kind of sauces as so many kind of regions. In Senegal, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, one of the most famous sauce is Maffé, peanuts butter creamy sauce (the recipe is coming). Each country cooks it it’s way. In west Africa, we love leafs sauce (spinach, cassava, sweet potatoes… ) and okras sauces.

in central Africa, Cameroun for example, they eat the N’Dolé, a Cassava sauce that deserved to be tasted.

Sauces are in those countries, an amazing healthy and tasty way to eat more vegetables. 

Through the recipes we presents, we will show you our personal revisits of these traditional recipes. For example, in Africa, for the Okras and spinach sauce, they add some palm tree oil. We have replaced the palm tree oil by some olive oil for the original taste and for the creamy one we use coconut oil for a more green and sustainable way of cooking …

GWOLKitchen spinach in sauce

Our sauces recipes want to appeal to your imagination and creativity for you to make yours, these traditional dishes.

Food is about the appropriation and the reinvention of the tradition that always had to be kept in mind for the re-creation to get soul. 

Welcome inside of my green kitchen a legacy from my mother who held it from her mother.

I’m happy to allow the spread of the spirit behind each recipe with you 

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