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GWOLKitchen: preserved cabbage without water

I love preserved vegetables for the taste and I must confess for all the repeatedly known benefits: increasing the intestinal flora ability to regenerate; more vitamins, more antioxidants…

Preserved, raw vegetables are living ailments: Transformed by micro enzymes , that evolves at each steps of the fermentation process .

We will come back on the process behind preserved vegetables for us to better understand what we are going onto .

For now, let’s see how cabbages used to be preserved traditionally without water for, in France for example the Choucroute, an amazingly tasty fermented cabbage dish served with a plate of charcuterie.

The process is really simple as much as the benefits are tremendous.

The recipe:
  • 1 white or red cabbage
  • Natural salt without any adds on (chlore, fluor)
  • A jar
  • your hands 🙌😉
  • weight the cabbage and don’t rince it.
    Take off the first leaves (keep them for another recipe .
  • Chop the cabbage roughly and put the salt .
  • mix firmly with your hands to break the cabbage fiber (10-15-20mn) until the cabbage gives up its water
  • place the cabbage in a jar at room temperature for at least 2 weeks before serving

you could add all kind of spices. Red Pepper, coriander, garlic cloves … just enjoy yourself and don’t forget to put love ❤️ inside of your cooking

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