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GWOLKitchen Cassava: when a tuber questions your origins

Cassava… Manioc as my real real big revelation… yesterday I wanted to eat some Attiéké and I had to confess that I had no slightest idea about how the whole process takes place … it’s my favorite dish … you know… I’m used to women harvesting the cassava and transforming it but …

I always eat cassava coming from Côte d’Ivoire (😥) each times it is possible until … yesterday.

Yesterday I went on an African shop and I bought some vegetables, roots, a yam and a cassava.

I have rediscovered, no I have discovered this tuber that I wasn’t found of when I was young. My mum y used to boiled it and seemed to appreciate it. But I preferred yams and never really gave Cassava any chance except for when it is transformed in Attiéké.

So, Yesterday, I have decided to connect myself to the Manioc and to let it introduces itself to me … That has been one of the biggest discovery of my life.

Coming soon the first recipe we have created is the puree of Cassava with some tahini . You will love it

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