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GWOLT herbalist raw 1: leftover Pumpkin in all its states

What is left inside of the fridge today?

There are always vegetables fighting to survive and these are magical products to let our imagination fly

How to green our kitchen was one of the issue I had to face when I have started my path to reach a green way of living.

It took me a little moment to realize that my kitchen was one special place of waste.

I used to buy lots of fresh perishable things that ended up inside the bin and learning to use everything inside of my fridge for an amazing plate become one of my quest

This recipe is really easy.

Leftover pumpkin in all its states

Wash, peel and mince finely 2 carrots, 2 hugs, 1/2 fennel, 1 leek , some mushrooms, 1 celery branche, a finger of fresh ginger peeled and minced inside of half a pumpkin from which , we have removed the seed .

Use everything left inside of your fridge and adapt the recipe ❤

Add 2 spoons of olive oil, salt , pepper , 1tsp of mustard, mixed herbs and a pinch of salt( add all the spices you love… Curcuma..)

Put it in the oven at 40 •C for 45mn and turn everything after 20mn of cooking to melt all the savory.

Enjoy your plate to accompany a meat, a fish or as a vegan discovery or blend it for a delicious soup. You may add more water if you like it less dense

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