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GWOLKitchen: Fresh extracted Celery juice

Celery is supposed to be rich in polyacetylen antioxidants that may have some antibacterial and inflammatory effects. Celery is told to also vitamin c, K , and B

What you need

  • 1kg of Celery
  • An extractor

How to

  • Cut the celery into small pieces
  • Put the celery inside of an extractor

Extracting rules

  • Don’t let the fresh made juice sit around, because it  can’t be kept more than 24 hours for it doesn’t contain any preservatives and it is not pasteurized
  • choose a cold pressed extractor instead of a juicer to preserving all the nutrients and vitamins.
  • Remove seeds (apricot, cherry …)
  • Peel oranges, grapefruits, lemon for the peel could bring some bitterness
  • Wash and mince your fruits in

Enjoy your Celery vitaminic juice and don’t throw away the extractor left over. They will perfectly perfume a soup or an Asian salad (recipe coming soon)

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