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GWOLPath Sartre : a lost battle is a battle One thinks one have lost

It’s never over till it’s over

Rockia Kebet
Greenwayofliving about Sartre : a lost battle is a battle one thinks one has lost

As long as we are alive, breathing, inhaling and exhaling there’s still something to be done, to be reached. Is it a goal? For sure . The answer as always depend on our conception of what a things should be.

What is a Goal for you, for me, for the dictionary?

What are you doing?
Conquering my present . My here and now . Just breathing faithfully!

As long as we are alive, there is that little window, full of promises, that need to be explored widely: we call that hope, faith.

It’s not religious but spiritual . It’s about inner and strong convictions about the fact that there is a reason that mostly escapes from our knowledge behind all that .

So how do we know that it won’t work if we don’t try from all our faith and strength?

How will we met that magical of life if we do not let life the chance to amaze us?

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