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Greenwayofliving concept and project

Greenwayofliving, “use it if you can’t reuse or recycle it refuse it” is an environmental project based on the opportunities offered by the green economy relying on social values, such as solidarity, knowledge spreading and sharing, and the concepts of eco-design: reusing, repairing, recycling and fair trade.

Greenwayofliving is especially and also a website,

raising our community awareness about our environmental challenges and selling our solidarity products, to generate revenue

to fully carry our tomorrow’s Earth ambassadors training centers program (Alama’s Garden, tested and ready-to-be duplicated in France and elsewhere).

And last but not least Greenwayofliving is a green brand we are launching that aims at sharing a sustainable model of lifestyle, of living, enlightening green conscious choices, that each of us as individual can be inspired by and that each can make lasting ownership of to enhance the quality of our life and that of our entire community while taking care of the planet.

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