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GWOLGARDEN: let’s green each millimeters left

Before I used to have a garden. A big one. I was young and with my Daddy we started to grow vegetables inside of what will become Alama’s Garden.

I can’t express the happiness and the pride I felt deep down inside when cleaning, digging and planting led us to grow some … I can’t remember anymore what we have grown and if it was something edible … but the feelings are still there …

From that moment of my childhood, I’m used to grow things wherever the space I live in is situated . I always adapt myself from that point of view .

For more than 10 years, I had a small balcony and it was a kind of meditation for me to green it, a sort of Ah oui c’est tout beau là comme ça ou ici ce soir je pense que ça serait bien que toujours deux jours on reste pas à bouger un peu fait healing path .

Rockiakebet Greenwayofliving

It was easy facing the sun all days long to grow anything

Now we have to deal with windows, in a place missing the sun a whole part of the day.

It’s a new challenge we will share with you

Greenwayofliving let’s green it

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