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Greenwayofliving for conscious way of living

Greenwayofliving is that kind of path we follow when we are looking for a meaning : you know we are here, you and me, on the planet Earth , born from our parents etc etc … and … one day we won’t be here anymore… we won’t be there at all …

Some are religious. Others are spirituals … some just never wonder because the matter is too complex … until events lead us to wonder why? What for?

I have my own version … you probably got yours … inherited from our personal history, culture … which one is the real one except the fact that we are getting older and that we gonna die one day?

Sometimes it’s frightening leading us to try to entertain ourself for us to never have to face this reality …

Sometimes it’s just a big question mark that could become the answers in itself .

So Greenwayofliving as a path to reach the here and now as a quest for balance through consciousness.

It’s about what we eat, our activities, the kind of contribution, we allow ourself to bring the world our environment.

It’s about consciously greening our ways of living for us to reach the reason why, you and me, we are here and now and become able to seize each seconds , moments of our life, completely

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