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GWOLKITCHEN African cooking : alloko, fried plantains

Alloco is linked to my childhood memories… Me, sitting with all the other children around a hot plate…

The challenge was high … Some of us the youngers were waiting for the Alloco to cool down while others were finishing eating it all.

It was always a delicious fight to try to eat the more Alloko we could

The recipe of the fried plantains is really simple .

In Africa people eat them with some spiced tomato sauce or with tomato sauce and chili served apart .

I find that because they are fried , there is no need to add more sauce . The sauce is needed when the plantains are unripe. In that case, the plantains won’t be sweet enough …

The secret lies in

  • Choosing ripe plantains ( not to much … they must keep firm ) and in the way you cut them
  • The choice and the temperature of the oil ( I use organic sunflower oil – I’m Côte d’Ivoire they use peanut oil because of the availability of the product)
  • The temperature of the oil


  • 2 ripe plantains /people
  • 10 tsp vegetable oil
Greenwayofliving fried plantains: cutting the plantains


  • In a large Dutch or in a heavy based pot heat the oil on low to medium heat until the oil shimmer and add the plantains cuttings
  • Fry for around 7 minutes( more if needed) on one side each until golden colour , turn and cook for 3 minutes on the other side.
Greenwayofliving frying plantains

Remove the plantains from the oil and drain them in a strainer or a paper towel

Serve as a side dish to complement a braised or a jerk chicken, beef or fish or as a snack

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