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Gwol African ingredients

GWOLKITCHEN African Ingredients 1 : discovering Attiéké

Attiéké is my favorite side dish from all times… made from fermented cassava pulp and cooked in a traditional way by women .

Attiéké has the same texture as couscous semoula. ( the recipe will come soon)

GWOLKITCHEN Attiéké from Cassava

Attiéké is originated from Ghana and brought in Côte d’Ivoire by migrants running from war taking place in Ghana.

Today Attiéké is eaten all around west Africa.

As a side dish, we complement the Attiéké with jerk chicken, lamb, or fish or with fried fish. When the fish is some tuna the Attiéké is called Garba


Extremely rich in vitamin c, cassava is supposed to improve our metabolism and health (immunity boosting, digestion regulation. The leaves are full of beta carotene etc amazing for the skin

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