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Gwol African ingredients

GWOLKitchen African ingredients 2: sweet potatoes

Do you know what African sweet potatoes look like? 😋

The color is different, so is the taste, less sugar, less sweetness but… so tasty , balanced and profound in the tastes

To avoid oxidation of the sweet potatoes , we soak them into cold water and dried them up before cooking them especially before frying them

In the kitchen my mum used to fry them, boil them for us to eat them as a ragout or with some roasted meat, chicken or fish , served with a tomato sauce and or a spiced one.

I love them fried with some spicy tomato sauce

The recipes will come later on

Sweet potatoes benefits

We love Sweet potatoes for the fibers, vitamins (B, C) and for the minerals (iron, calcium, selenium)

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