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GWOLKITCHEN Smoothies 7: mango

This morning I had an overripe mango in fridge so because it is important not to waste, we made a simple, unctuous, sweet smoothie with it.

The concept behind our one ingredient smoothies is to encourage each of us to start by eating more fruits.

Lot of ingredients could discourage us to start our healthy diet . So we begin with our favorite fruits, and then step by step we’ll add more complexity , always respecting our guts

We love Mangoes for the supposed benefits : pectin and fibers (cholesterol control) for the vitamins (C , in particular) , skin cleanser with glowing effect from deep down the body

1 ripe Mango
55ml milk ( almond, coconut,  oat, hemp, rice, cashew)

Serve 1:


  • Place the mango and 30ml milk into a powerful blender.
  • Blend for 1 or 2 minutes until smooth.
  • Place the 25ml milk left into a tall container.
  • Turn on the frother, moving it up and down intil foamy bubbles appear.
  • Mix with delicacy the almond milk foam with the Mango smoothie.
  • If you like it less dense, you may want to add some milk to reach your desired consistency.
GWOLKitchen smoothie mango (video)

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