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What could lead someone to start meditating, what means for lots of people wasting time sitting down and breathing while the rest of the world is fighting outside ?

This could be a really long story … an already told story … someone feeling unsatisfied with his / her life. That person has decided to start over, to start by the beginning, questioning, only accepting or rejecting everything that was taken for normal unless after they have been reexaminated .

It was about finding out about oneself, define our own relationships with the World without any intermediary .

The best place to catch oneself is the present.

That’s why we meditate. To meet ourself up

Rockia Kebet


Hi. Welcome to all of you. Thank you for stopping by. My name is Rockia. I’m a World citizen. I’m on my path to reach a green way of living and I’m feeling honored and happy to share my way with you and to learn from yours .
I strongly believe that each one of us could be that positive change maker, we all are expecting, thereby improving his/her own life by refining our connection to the four pillars of a solid human foundation (Food, Body, Emotional Well-being, Spiritual Growth) while serving and impacting the life of others and the environment

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