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GWOLTravel: that Paris we love 1, opera the place

Paris is my city of adoption! I love Paris.

For the style, the architecture, the history, the art of living, the Parisian state of mind really really different from French way of acting ….

I love Paris, for that town has drawn who I am on term of style ! I’m a Parisian woman, before being an Ivory Coast citizen coming from Africa

Opera place is about my teenage hood … with my best friends after pension, we used to meet there before going to the king opera, that became the American dream, that seems closed right now, for an hamburger. We are 14 years old. The World seems ours.

It’s the pleasure to wander around the place … to sit down under the outside stairs of the palais GARNIER watching spectacles or listening to street artists,

It’s the big stores, we spending hours looking for the right shoes.. it’s the palais GARNIER … Go… Visit… enjoy a spectacle and let’s talk about it


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