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GWOLPhilosophy 1: no one will teach you how to become yourself

Throughout a process of coping, we pick up between different kinds of influences and we build the person we become.

Our firsts models are our parents, then our teachers, professors, friends, some of our encounters …

For some occasions, we choose the mask we will wear, changing our personality, just like a costume.

We need to fit , that’s how we end with mental illness, depression , and a feeling of not belonging to anywhere .

One day, not so far away, I woke up realizing that my life was hurting just like a disease. I was feeling empty, unhappy, unable to change anything.

That’s how and why, I have decided to start over. To go back home .

Next story will be around GWOL as a path to reach HOME

Dear Community . Thank you for reading and for your reactions. I share with you because you read me . ❣🙏

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