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Sometimes we just don’t have the outdoor space and the challenge still remains that we need to connect ourselves with nature wherever we are

The magic of life lies in the fact that we have the ability to do what we can with what we have… it’s magical

So from scratches… we could do something. We could transform a window into a fairy space, a space to breath, to reconnect with and and to love again oneself


  1. You might find it interesting, on the subject of urban gardening/urban green that in the old Arab medinas there were two helpful issues.
    First, water was not supplied directly to houses. There were community fountains where family members went daily to gather water for home. Definitely a hardship; but it resulted in very careful use of water.
    Second, many of the houses in these densely packed medinas were essentially open central courtyards with rooms around the perimeter. People grew small amounts of useful plants in the courtyard (flowers, fragrance, fruits, health).
    Recently I posted ‘Urban Green…600yrs ago?’ wherein an American student on a term abroad study in Morocco finds himself deep in the Tangier medina searching for urban green.

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