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Green spaces are important for many different reasons: to help us be connected to nature, to just chill out in a park or to exercise sometimes

At the same time these green spaces welcome the wildlife.

With the increasing droughts, heat waves, and powerful rainfalls , creating more green spaces inside of our cities while developing infrastructures is essential.

So while greening our cities, we work for the creation of pleasant and healthy environment and also for the protection of our cities.

Greenwayofliving is about urbangardening inside of our polluted cities for us to connect with nature while becoming able to grow our own something – to keep grounded


on my quest to find that little something that will make me feel happy, as I told you, I have understood that this something could not be about me but had to be meaningful, purposeful to create that kind of result.
It was a necessity for me to adopt a greenwayofliving that materialized itself through three axis :

  • getting involved inside of a something that mattered to me for me to stop focusing on myself ( RKBienfaisance charity’s Alama’s Garden program)
  • exchanging my way of living for a more conscious one for me to gain the legitimacy of impacting others lives …
  • earning my living through a sustainable activity.

In a world , our modern societies, where mental health is a pandemic, creating preserving and taking care of green spaces deserve our involvement in order to guarantee that we as balanced citizen, we have the opportunity to be properly connected to our to our World , to our environment, to the ground, to ourselves and to our communities.

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