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GWOLPhilosophy 2: GWOL as a path to reach home /1

Home is a place where, as member of family or household, we live permanently.

Most of the time home is neither a place where we will be able to breath deeply while spreading our wings nor a place inside of which , we will suffocate.

Rockia Kebet.

The concept of home questions our sens of security.

We all need to be able to reach that somewhere where it is possible to put down our luggage, to remove our make ups and costumes and to just be , who we are, the way we are .

It takes a conqueror to go back to that home from where we all have started .

Home is where the notion of family lies. We learn to live together because we are a family, then we become able to accept the others just the way we need to be accepted by them.

Home is about feelings shared, moments lived , situations we went through together, memories created with love or anger, or sadness…with emotions and passion.

Home is always linked to an atmosphere. my mum incenses smells home to me.

At the end home is always where our heart belongs to

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