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GWOL Window Garden … our green beans

I started from seeds and I’m really proud to watch them grow organically . This is the world I want for tomorrow

Food as a major topic . Food as a matter of public health . Food as a channel to express our emotions and feelings. Food as a conscious quest to meet oneself on the way to balance and health


The World we want is a fearless World. I don’t want to be afraid by what I eat .

What should I eat? Anyone coming with his/her own recipe making us feel lost… I want to eat well in a sustainable way with no arm to my environment and to my health .

So that’s the World I want for tomorrow, a World that guarantee the sustainability of what I eat and,

A world where each child learns quickly to grow his/her own harvest. A World where we are not enslaved by junk food . A world where we are educated to properly use our 5 senses … A World inside of which we will be able to properly connect ourself to the ground

To Nature – #withnature


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