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GWOLQuotes 13: What the world wants by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Who helps and who is helped? It’s the problematic of the master and the slave by Hegel…

This is where sometimes we meet the absurdity of a whole system.

The giver receives much more than the one who receives, that’s certain .

Those last years, I had an amazing interaction with the Energy! You know, you are young… you see the World as a big playground and you are unconscious …Life takes the time to educate you through illness, difficulties, aging without you being able to realize what you meant to.

So I stared confidente in my ability to run a charity by myself to help children from my neighborhood in Africa… ok. For the short story 😩 it was in 2014. Today in 2021… I learnt a lot through the fact of not being able to reach goals I set for myself.

I have realized and learned some little things

  • I have been helped while I was sure that I was the one helping : I have been healed by my interactions with children. We had to learn to get to know with each others , to live together which remained impossible without personal involvement. They taught me to love .
  • Not anyone is allowed to inhabit the light side of the Energy.
  • You will be tested and you need to conquer your right to be accepted. The easy way is to give up. To just take go back to that old vision including just you and yourself ( your family and friends…). You will be tested
  • the Road, the Path, the Way is multiple. There’s not one way fir the goal, one way of doing things. You just need to take the time to fortify the foundations of what will be build

What is wanted is justice . Justice and righteousness in the approach.

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