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It’s about the importance of pushing our boundaries and embracing challenges in order to reach new heights of personal growth and exploration.

We will never approach how far, how high, how deep, we can go if we don’t dare to challenge ourself.


By trying new and unfamiliar things, we open ourselves to endless possibilities and discoveries. Through these challenges, we test our limits, broaden our horizons, and find hidden strengths within us.
Taking on these challenges is a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. We break free from fear and doubt and embrace courage and resilience.

By doing so, we push ourselves even further, surpassing our own expectations.
Stepping out of our comfort zones makes us more adaptable and flexible, allowing us to thrive in any situation.

Each new experience makes us more open-minded and understanding, giving us a deeper appreciation for the richness and diversity of the world.

By continuously seeking new challenges and stretching our comfort zones, we can unlock our true potential and live a fulfilling life.

Facing challenges helps us learn valuable lessons, grow as individuals, and become better people. Whether it’s exploring new interests, taking on difficult tasks, or confronting our fears, every challenge we encounter becomes an opportunity for personal development.

In times of difficulty, we discover our true abilities and access our full potential.

If we want to unlock our abilities and accomplish amazing things, we must be ready to challenge ourselves.
By doing this, we can go beyond our expectations, overcome obstacles, and embrace outstanding opportunities.


Hi. Welcome to all of you. Thank you for stopping by. My name is Rockia. I’m a World citizen. I’m on my path to reach a green way of living and I’m feeling honored and happy to share my way with you and to learn from yours .
I strongly believe that each one of us could be that positive change maker, we all are expecting, thereby improving his/her own life by refining our connection to the four pillars of a solid human foundation (Food, Body, Emotional Well-being, Spiritual Growth) while serving and impacting the life of others and the environment

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