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Greenwayofliving The sea and I

GWOL the sea and I: above my screen

We connect ourself directly, without any intermediary with Nature. Our screen are oftentimes, borders between our environment and ourselves.

We may discover so much things through our tablet or mobile screen, we may feel lots of kind of emotions, behind our screen ….

We are talking about the way we do things, the way we live each actions emanating from ourself, each moment of our life

Are we always kind enough to really give ourself and those we love , ourself? We are always so busy, even when we are not busy …


I’m I really here and now in the present or I’m I as always lost , milles away, recreating again and again things the way they are uploaded to be …

Feeling has to do with our senses: touching, smelling, hearing, tasting, seeing, united altogether, at the same moment just like a symphony


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