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Dear Community happy new year

Thank you for your mentions and followings. I feel honored and full of gratitude.

I want to start by wishing you health, lot of health and then Love.

You know that kind of love no one can bring you, emanating from within , sparkling consciously over your sufferings to brighten up your whole self and furthermore positively impact those around you and our entire World.

I wish you to enjoy those moments with your lives one and even if you are alone, we are never alone when our heart is full of love .

Let’s be happy this year even if, maybe just because … Time came …

Time to let go of the past . Time to forgive others. Time to get friend with oneself … Time to share.

Time to love. Love as goal. Love as path. Love as purpose. Love as Mean ! Greenwayofliving as a personal way to Love. To love more. To love even if . To love, just because .

Rockia Kebet

DHARMA teaching POINT : our suffering is workable as the manure to grow a more balanced state of mind . Nothing to throw away. We are perfect just the way we are ❤️ @greenwayofliving

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