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Dunkerque is a beautiful port city in northern France undergoing a remarkable transformation combining the beach and sustainable urban development.

Dunkerque has transformed its narrative from a pollution problem to a living model of sustainable progress and economic resurgence becoming a source of inspiration for future industries

Mayor Vergriete has done a fantastic job in making the city a global and popular destination, because it offers a unique and captivating experience for tourists and inhabitants, showcasing the future of urban living.

This post is about our third pilot city that is becoming more eco-friendly. It has an amazing bike 🚴 lanes, dikes, beautiful beaches and world heritage classified dunes and monument and hosts exciting events like the village of the future, Allure dance festival, worldwide kite surfing championship and so much more …

From the Example to Emulate: This is Dunkerque – Transforming from Polluting Industry to Building Tomorrow’s Sustainable Industry.

The Green Beachfront calling for farniente: Dunkerque’s beautiful beach is a lovely, romantic paradise for nature lovers.The city has preserved the natural habitat while creating a stunning waterfront experience for everyone.

Innovative Coastal Protection: the continuing of the Dike of Malo beach not only guard against rising sea levels but also add a futuristic touch to the cityscape.

Since this summer Kite Surfing Worldwide Stop: to live the thrill of Dunkerque welcoming this annual kite surfing event, enlightening the city’s commitment to sustainability and ability to attracts both athletes and eco-conscious tourists.

Mayor Vergriete’s Visionary Leadership: Dunkerque has been transformed into a green city of the future through the transversely vision of Mayor Vergriete working globally, encouraging initiatives and collaborations through green policies that are inspiring other cities.

The Irresistible Attraction of Dunkerque: Natural beauty, innovative infrastructures, and sustainable practices create a unique appeal for urban living.

Dunkerque is becoming a green city that other cities can learn from. Mayor Vergriete has made the city a model of modern urban development while still protecting the environment. It’s a place worth visiting to see the future of sustainable living.

Dunkerque’s evolution means that transformation is attainable for any city willing to embrace its past, envision a greener future, and take bold actions to make that vision a reality.
The city’s triumphant narrative serves as an inspiration to the power of collective effort and determination to build industries and cities that not only thrive today but also lay the foundation for a more sustainable and prosperous tomorrow.


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