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Behind RK greenwayofliving ❤️

Dear community,. Let’s share the story behind my greenwayofliving .

Greenwayofliving is a green brand

We aims at sharing a sustainable model of lifestyle, of living, enlightening green conscious choices, that each of us as individual can be inspired by and that each can make lasting ownership of to enhance the quality of our life and that of our entire community while taking care of the planet.

It always start from somewhere…
It was about my personal trip. I wanted  to be happy and content above all.

To feel serene, peaceful deep inside of my soul.  To reach that goal, my personal experience has taught me that we have no choice but opening our eyes and our heart wide, rolling up our sleeves and work at being useful to others, giving them the happiness we ourselves seek.

Why Alama’s Garden?

My journey started when I felt the strong need to get involved in something bigger than me, that could make me oblivious to myself and create  enough impact to make me feel good.  I understood that this something could not be about me but had to be meaningful, purposeful.

In my affluent neighborhood, just around the corner, there are many children who cannot afford to go to school. They live in inhumane conditions among trash and oftentimes must go without food for days.

We wanted to create a special place for kids to explore the magic of books, gardening, and nature, igniting their curiosity and imagination.

By caring for and teaching them, we found purpose and fulfillment in our life.

what do I bring this World?

Greenwayofliving was created with the goal of making a positive difference in the world. Alama’s Garden is a place we saw those seeds inside a space where children can learn and be inspired by nature.

I have learnt something through the years: our happiness has to be found collectively because all is one and we are linked.

rockia Kebet

You face, as human beings, the same basic issues and questioning as I do. I share my real life to demonstrate how I am becoming this person I am becoming.

Get in touch

I’m always happy to talk with people feeling really concerned by our environmental challenges and above all about other humans . Feel free to connect with me ❣️

From Paris
With love and recycled flowers

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