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Greenwayofliving community : thank you again for joining

greenwayofliving is about reconnecting ourselves with the simplicity of just being, with yourself,  with your family , with your friends, with your community,  with what you eat, what you drink, with your relationship with everything or anything, with  your environment, with your World … all that .


Welcome inside of my green, happy and healthy way of living

Thank you for choosing to link your path to ours walking together along the path . Together but separately to avoid that the full of one become the fall of the community with at the same time enough fraternity to help those in search of ways,of how to begin .Welcome to all of us on the path. The green one

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We are not blind : we choose what we focus on

Inside of our modern societies we have defined scales and goals to be reached out that have been presented as the only possible one. When we fit, everything is taken care of by the system and nothing is our fault. Neither is the lack of education of our children nor the state of our world, really sick is our responsibility