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Kitchen Practices

Green way of living Kitchen basics 2: buy organic and choose natural health!

In this overwhelming world, where we are what we eat, our health becomes a reflection of the food choices we make. In the Greenwayofliving kitchen, the second rule stands tall – buy organic, for natural food means health

Kitchen Practices

Greenwayofliving kitchen smoothies 6: strawberries smoothie

I wait for summers to enjoy juicy red 🍇 grapes and berries. I love strawberries in particular. oftentimes, I replant the seeds inside of my window garden, for me to be able to eat them at the end of summers .

Kitchen Practices

Greenwayofliving Kitchen Herbalist Raw soup 3: strawberries, cucumber gazpacho

So it was a fight between my reason, my quest for health and my guts that weren’t always healthy . That’s how I have started my kitchen experimentations . Two cornerstones: tasty and healthy

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