Château du Besset: almost lost into the wild with all the modern amenities

We all travel for different reasons .

Through destinations choices we make, we support places and people working to welcome us providing jobs and employment sometimes and other times contributing to impact negatively ( social disturbance, loss of cultural heritage, ecological degradation.)

Which kind of travel do you choose? My tastes leads me naturally to go for alternative or sustainable travels ( nature-based , ecological or cultural travel)

On the heights of the Rhône Valley

The Château du Besset : in the setting of a 15th century castle, three luxurious rooms restored and decorated with delicacy and style , à la française , high above the Rhône Valley and two amazing people who will share their passion for their castle, their region with you with passion

Discovering life at a castle, far from everything, city lights and noises , almost lost into the wild among woods .


My personal path to reach a greenwayofliving

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