Green Diary

Green way of living diary day 1: Pink &orange mood for a recycled plastic bottle as plant growing pot

the issue I was facing for a while was to be able to write messages on our recycled plastic bottles .

we are satisfied with the result . How do you like that bottle?
before it was a pineapple plastic bottle juice. That was before. Today, it is an amazing plant growing pot.

you know we don’t need to waste money buying expensive plant pots while we could recycle plastic bottles we use , as a sustainable and green act for the environment.

it might be anything, use it. If you can’t reuse or recycle it, please, refuse it.

Tell me, which kind of green, climate action do you take for our environment?

1 day, 1 new scenery to spread a message of love around the concept of Greenwayofliving lifestyle : recycling flowers, plastic or any other material, recipes of green teas, natural Green juices, tips about urban gardening As a trendy lifestyle

Rockia Kebet

My personal path to reach a greenwayofliving

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