Green way of living flowers : the philosophy behind

It’s a philosophy around the concept of using reusing and recycling .

consumerism leads us to have so many choices that what really matters is the brand new stuff coming to take the place of the old one. It also has something to do with our relationship with the value we assume the concept of youth has got .
what is old needs to be put aside .
inside of other societies growing old is a sign that we are gaining more maturity And wisdom that we will share with the community, helping youngsters positively learn from our experience. It is a value in itself .
Our approach with almost faded flowers has to do with that conception .

Green Way of living flowers

Firstly , we enjoy the flowers and then secondly, instead of throwing them away we recycle them into amazing potpourris that could only be made with almost faded flowers .

Greenway of living flowers


My personal path to reach a greenwayofliving

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