Greenwayofliving diary day 2 : we must stay at home

1 day, 1 new scenery to spread a message of love around the concept of recycling

I guess that you are confined just the way We all are here in France.

How to fill each minute passing by, enclosed with ourself and with people we are not used to spend so much time with? Our Family, our children, ourself ?
oftentimes, we run outside avoiding to have to stay still and deal with issues that we are not used to considering as our business ( the education of our children, For example, our relationship with our wife or our husband …

How to fill each seconds each minutes, each hours, each days passing by slowly without getting made and destroying everything surrounding us because we are becoming unable to breath correctly ?

We need occupations, entertainment. Which one should we choose?

i have realized something : a Greenwayofliving commands an hourly involvement of oneself. A green subject of interest while should try to inspect a little more

it might be anything, use it. If you can’t reuse or recycle it, refuse it

And you which kind of green, climate action, do you take for our environment?

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